Sci-Fi Survivor: The Landmaster

The Landmaster was a created by renowned car customizer, Dean Jefferies, for the 1977 movie "Damnation Alley," an apparent post-apocalyptic ad for off-roading, which flopped despite a powerhouse cast that included Jan Michael Vincent, George Peppard, and the mighty Jackie Earle Haley.

Powered by a Ford 391-cubic-inch industrial truck engine, the 11-ton, 35-foot-long beast remains one of the largest vehicles ever constructed for a motion picture. It also has one of the most ingenious arrangements of tires ever considered — four triangular units of three tires (two on the road and one above) can rotate, if needed, to traverse obstacles or ford water. (Hello? SUV concept designers? Is this thing on?).

Sci-Fi Survivor: The Landmaster


The Landmaster was also equipped with six cannons, operated by remote control, and a two armor-piercing bazookas (likely disbled to prevent bloodshed when the movie's scriptwriter visited the set). It's also fitted with closed-circuit television, a radar scanner, two bunk beds, shower and bathroom. After years of neglect, the Landmaster was restored in the early 1990s to appear in the Fox sitcom, "Get a Life" with Chris Elliot.


Sci-Fi Survivor: The Landmaster

(From left: Jackie Earle Haley, DoMinique Sanda, Jan Michael Vincent, George Peppard pose for a snapshot before calling to fire their agents.)

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