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One late entry in our bid for readers' suggestions for car models missing from Microsoft's Forza Motorsport game sent us to the history books. It was the Porsche 916, a 911S-powered, fixed-roof version of the 914 roadster, created as a prototype model in the early 1970s — and easily one of the most compelling Porsches almost to be built. Although the 916 never made it to production, 11 were created during 1971 and 1972, and considered by the company to be "preproduction" models. To our 2005 eyes, the 916 just looks like a highly modified 914, with flared fenders, a steel roof (it was all business) and painted fiberglass bumper panels. The engine was a flat-six lifted from the 911S. Word is, a single 916 was shipped to the US, destined for Florida. It was the only one to leave the factory with the A/C option. [Thanks, John. Right back atcha.]

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